Photo Portfolio

By Michael P Garrett

During my time in the J school, I have tried to work on building an arsenal of skills to help me become a versatile journalist. Here is a collection of my favorite photos I have taken during my time at KU.


Sophomore Alvaro Papa Silva (center) and his team prepare for tug of war at the second annual GladiATOr Games. The event raised $6,900 for KU Pediatrics.


“Glorious to view” Fraser behind the Jimmy Green.


Student Senate Chief of Staff Tyler Childress poses to portray when he feels most masculine by fighting for social and economic justice.


Center for Community Outreach Co-Director Will Dale poses to portray when he feels most masculine by inspiring others to serve.


Seniors Brandon Kuzara (left) and Bryne Gonzales (right) were up bright and early to wait for basketball camping lottery for the Pittsburg State game. The Pitt State lottery was the third largest in school history behind the Missouri finale and the Ohio State game in 2011.


Sophomores Megan Lindemann (left) and Grace Hoyer (right) share a laugh before a fall Distribution Day for the Big Event. Distribution Days aim to raise awareness about the Big Event in the Lawrence community.


Michelle Compton hangs a banner at the first ever “Mini” Big Event on Nov. 3, 2013. The event helped nearly 20 job sites around the Lawrence community.


Madison Palo, Sophomore, greets volunteers at the “Mini” Big Event. Approximately 200 volunteers served Lawrence from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.


Quentin Aker, freshman, helps prepare tools for volunteers at the “Mini” Big Event.



A man gets ready to jump on his bike outside of Fraser Hall.


My big sister, Kate. She hates when I take pictures of her, so naturally this is my favorite.


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