Would you give up fall break for a longer Thanksgiving break?

By Michael P Garrett

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, students are eager for a break. We are at that point of the semester where the tests, projects and papers are piling on and winter breaks seems but a distant dream. It’s hard to argue that now is the perfect time for a break, but is a three-day break good enough to restore everyone’s sanity and spend quality time with family?

For Abbey Johnson, a senior from Essex Junction, Vermont, a three-day vacation from classes is not enough time off. Vermont is too far away to drive  and for Johnson’s family, buying a plane ticket is too much money to only spend a few days together over Thanksgiving break.

If you haven’t noticed, many students at Kansas State University are already home and enjoying their Thanksgiving break. Unlike KU, K-State gets the entire week off of school for Thanksgiving. What’s the trade off? KSU doesn’t have a two-day fall break.

Johnson, however, would be more than willing to sacrifice fall break to have an extended, weeklong Thanksgiving break.

“I would prefer to have a break like KSU where we would have the entire week off,” Johnson said. “With only three days off, it doesn’t really make sense for me to fly all the way home.”

According to KU Info, the Provost’s Office is considering going to the KSU weeklong Thanksgiving break format.

KU has always had a Thanksgiving break that is Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Switching to a weeklong break could mean the termination of fall break, which has been in place for 13 years.

Danny Sanchez, a senior from Lenexa, which is a half-hour drive from Lawrence, said he wouldn’t want to give up fall break. He said fall break is a nice interruption in the semester and Thanksgiving break is long enough.

“If you are lucky, like me, your teacher will cancel class the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving break,” Sanchez said. “It would be nice for everyone to have a full week off of school but Thanksgiving is so close to the end of the semester I don’t think that it would matter too much.”

Sanchez also said having a fall break is nice because it helps students with midterms.

“Sometimes it (fall break) splits all of your midterms up in to different parts so you don’t have to take them all in one week,” Sanchez said.

When deciding between a fall break and a longer Thanksgiving, the real kicker seems to be how far away you live. Either way, it seems change is on the horizon.

Info graphic


Graphic made by Cara Winkley and Kyle Crane


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