Venezuelan politics turn ugly as candidates are burned in effigy

A Venezuelan Easter tradition takes a strange political twist as people burn effigies of opposing political leaders, according to an article written by Maunel Rueda for ABC. The traditional custom consists of burning an effigy of the apostle Judas on Easter Sunday in order to “punish” him for betraying Jesus Christ.

According to an article by the Global Post, social party politician Nahum Fernandez told VTV state television network that Henrique Capriles, opposition to current interim president Nicolas Maduro, was burned in effigy to punish him for his crimes. Fernandez said the crime was, “betraying the Venezuelan people and surrendering to the interests of imperialism.” Supporters of Capriles countered with similar rebuttals.

One day before the effigy burnings, Maduro called his political opposition “heirs of Hitler.” An article by Reuters wrote Maduro accused his political counter parts of persecuting Cuban doctors working in the South American country the way Jews were persecuted in Nazi Germany.


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